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A question about what another has his attention on. What is he thinking about or busy with? "Up" in this usage is referring to a slag from around the 1930s meaning: occupied with or busy with.
When I saw him he was angry so I asked "what's up?". But he would not tell me what he was angry about.
by Scottmana September 15, 2007
Slag for a person (often used when referring to teenagers) that causes trouble wherever they go.
That heller came in here the other day just to cause trouble.
by Scottmana November 26, 2007
The feeling or sensation that occurs when one recognizes he is making progress forward a worthwhile or survival goal. It occurs at the EXACT instance that the person sees for himself that he is making progress.
I have never had allot of money,and have been working to make money my while life. So when I worn the lottery the happiness I felt was hard to describe.
by Scottmana November 26, 2007
Motion that is not going anywhere.
1.At work I get allot of pressure when things start going wrong and I don't complete things fast enough.

2.If you run a 30-mile-an-hour car into a wall, you got more than 4000 pounds of pressure.

3. The pressure in the tank is air that wants to get out.
by Scottmana November 26, 2007
Having many simple parts.

He kept throwing terms at me until I was blinded by how complex it was.
by Scottmana November 26, 2007
Not living up to a standard. Less than par. Not as good as one would expect.
The show was really good. So they made a bunch of cheesy copies that were really bad and were nothing like the original.
by Scottmana September 15, 2007
Digitally Restrictive Measures. While originally promoted as Digital Rights Management, this was in fact a publicly friendly term that misleads. The entire subject is build around stopping the use of the software and/or it's distribution. Thus Digitally Restricted Measures serves as a warning to the public of it's true nature. Also the word Management may be useful to the creators but not to the end user. Measures puts it in perspective. See the example for what a DRM means to end users.
The product has a warning on it's side that says it "Comes with a DRM that will limit what you can do with it. Including if it will work at all. Also that after you get it to work, should anything change about the devise the product is running or playing on, it may cease to function and you possibly may never get it to work again. Purchase at our own risk."
by Scottmana July 12, 2008