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1. When you can't do something
2. When a person cannot get to class
3. A bear
4. A person who likes Ice Mountain
Girl: Hey Restrictions
Boy: Why do you call me Restrictions?
Girl: Go look it up.
by Leila976545678 July 04, 2011
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A kid in my class is a water slapper
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What they put you on when you go to crap boarding schools like me. They take away things you NEED to do for no reason.
Me: Yeah, uh, I'm HAVE to get part-time job, so from now on I'll have to leave after school every couple days for a few hours.
Advisor-guy: You can't do that.
Me: What? Why can't you guys let me?
Advisor-guy: Because.. uh.. we like to suck dick.
by bty July 11, 2004
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Rules/restrictions/laws are often a matter of what people can do with their popularity/support (power) and money.
As long as the restrictions were more popular with most people than using their own brains to determine what they should and shouldn't do, they would keep piling on, rather than end. Some things don't end without a fight.
by Solid Mantis January 08, 2021
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If the unintended side effect of restrictions and lockdowns is premature death by heart problems and lack of the kind of activity people got before the pandemic, what good are the lockdowns? Telling people there is a new normal, and giving them guidelines on how to exercise in it will never keep them as healthy as they were before the restrictions and lockdowns. The bullshit is bad for everybody, though the people and entities behind the lockdowns and restrictions are never going to openly admit that it's bad for people.
The restrictions and lockdowns are going to endanger and kill some people anyway, so what's the point? In reality, life is worth losing, that's what a scientist, someone in the business of healthcare, the WHO, the government, the media, or anybody else making money off the pandemic isn't going to tell anybody.
by Solid Mantis April 06, 2021
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Rules about what you can't do.
"Hey, what' are you doing?"
"I'm planing new restrictions for this school."
by KristΓ­na March 06, 2017
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