4 definitions by the gobbler

a blowjob from someone with no teeth, or someone who has had thier teeth knocked out violently
She was new at it, so it was a bloody quayjob.
by the gobbler August 29, 2002
When a 60 plus year old Woman gives head to a 60 year old plus Man. The Sack is hanging lower then normal and it’s under her chin. So she would be gobbling.
Gobbler is when you make the noise of a chicken when giving head to a older male, while the sack is under the chin.
by the gobbler September 27, 2020
Pittsburgh second person plural form of you, you all, y'all in the south
Yunz guys goin dawn ta Tree Rivers ta watch da Stillers game?
by the gobbler October 1, 2002
Digital Rights Management, or some crap that means you can't actually use the shit you buy how you want to
This stupid DRM album crashed my computer!
by the gobbler October 3, 2002