Pass the milk refers to a dude who has recently ejaculated and has clearly soiled his hands and proceeds to shake hands with someone else.
Dude 1: Hey man its nice to meet you im kevin..

(shakes hand)

Dude 2: Nice to meet you too im- ahh! dude did you just pass the milk!? thats so not cool..
by Nighthawk15 December 23, 2011
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When an old man is having sex with many different old women and so the milk means semen and grandpa refers to old man.
Grandpa pass the milk into me, cause i'm not getting any younger!
by bobberson May 8, 2008
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the 2018 version of spill the tea. originated on the office supply instagram @jordanxfuerst with a meme.
pass the choclate milk about John and Amy's date last night.
by hahahehe:) February 15, 2018
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