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An adjective used to describe something to the highest level of fierce, awesome, beast, etc. Mainly used by Posh, the hot and sexy Victoria Beckham.
"There was this woman in a powder blue trouser suit, SHE was MAJOR."

"Does this look Major."

"You're Major."

"I'm going to pick out a house, it's going to be totally Major."
by DVBcelebritard March 20, 2008
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by Peach_emoji December 13, 2020
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A word majorly used by the major Victoria Beckam.
"My solo career was so bad it was major."
"My career with the Spice Girls was major."
"OMG that shirt is major."
"This is so major i love it."
"My husbands goal was major."
"I dont like it, it's majorly shit."
by majorly major August 18, 2007
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Hot,Sexy,strait,huge balls,romantic,charming,better than you type of guy varry nice popular and loves girls
Did you see that guy major? He was sexy,charming,romantic and vary nice.
by Major guy February 12, 2013
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We call "major" to people whose parents are rich.
There is the major inside his ferrarri!
by maxxim333 January 27, 2010
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