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1. A Curriculum Vitae or resume is a list of your qualifications, achievements, skills etc that you give to a prospective employer.

2. Tits.
man I'll never get this job unless I lie on my CV

a: I saw you were interviewing for a new secretary yesterday - who the job job?
b: *sniggers* the one with the best CV
by Iain1977 April 15, 2008
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A Curriculum Vitae outlines your life/job history, achievements, and skills. (Same as resume)
Don't put "fluffer" on your CV.
by athena888 September 18, 2005
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CV (clutch victory) - any situation or event that was close to becoming a failure, but ended well. Any surprising victory.

Antonym - DL (devastating loss)
"A touchdown at the last second? What a CV."
"Pocket aces...CV, CV."
by zhangerz7 February 14, 2009
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short for "Cunty Vibe", when referring to a female or a group of females who are putting off negative energy aimed at you, usually in a social situation.
Wow, whats-her-name is puttin' off a thick c.v. today, she snubbed me when i was trying to say hi.
by overmedium May 24, 2009
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Comando Vermelho (Portuguese for Red Command)is a Brazilian criminal organization/gang in Rio de Janeiro slums. During the entire 1990s the criminal organization was the strongest in all of Rio de Janeiro, but today the principal leaders have been arrested or are dead, and the organization is not as strong. The Comando Vermelho still control parts of the city.
The movie "City of God" or "Cidade de Deus" shows the early beginnings of Comando Vermelho(CV)
by BostonGeorge September 07, 2007
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CV- short for curriculum vitae

Means the same thing as resume, but you don't have to worry about those pesky accent marks.
Brekka: "I'm sending off my resume. Do I spell it with 1, 2, or no accent marks?"

Cindy: "Just write CV instead."

Brekka: "Good idea! Hmmmn... with or without periods?"
by Bad Kram February 10, 2010
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Cape Verdean or Cape Verdeans. People who originate from Cape Verde; an independent nation composed of ten Islands. They speak Portuguese and Criolo (Portuguese Creole).
Cape Verdeans, who call themselves CV, are mixed of African, European and Asian ancestry. The word Creole originates from the Cape Verdean people.
They are the first Black people to immigrate to America by free will, and have been doing so since the 1600s where they aided the pilgrims. They came to America as fishermen and gave Portugal the reputation as a nation of skilled fishermen. over 90% of whalers and fishermen in early US history were Cape Verdeans. They are known as hardworking roman catholics who played an important role in US history; from the Civil war era up to the civil rights movement and on.
by Joao Fernandes November 22, 2006
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