An acronym meaning Dad I'd Like to Fuck.
OMG! Lauren have you seen Jamie Dornan, he is such a dilf!!
by Catatata April 10, 2015
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the male equivalent to a MILF. Can be attractive to teenage girls making them swoon over older men because of daddy issues or just because they want a mature handsome man. Could be married or single.
"I lost my V-card to that DILF down the street, I think his name is Harry" -Olivia
"Oh my god! GROSS!! He's like 25years older than you" -Viki
"That just means he has 25 more years of experience that can please me" -Olivia
by toeingmywayintokiki August 07, 2016
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DILF: Dad I'd Like to Fuck

A DILF is the opposite of a MILF, therefore, it would be equivalent to a "Dad I'd Like to Fuck". The name can be very complimentary to the older man/Dad. However, when used to describe someone else's Dad, DILF would most likely be taken offensively. Especially if you're referring to a personal friend's Dad.
OMG! I know that Chastity's Dad is the same age as mine, but he's a total DILF!!!!
by Emonowski August 29, 2017
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dad I'd like to fuck; hot, attractive male with children that you would like to fuck.
I really don't care that Craig has 2 kids, I'd still do him...like he's such a DILF!
by DMoneyMillions July 15, 2010
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Means Father I'd Like (to) Fuck.
Like MILF. ;D
Woah, have you ever seen Luke's dad? He's a DILF.
by Icelantika February 03, 2008
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Page; Girl that hat on him was so sexy, I need to hook up with that Dilf.
Candace: How many kids does he have?
Page: 1 mabey 2, IDK, I just herd he was a dad. There more prepared in life. Hey, men call us Milf's!
Candace: Your right. Only fare we get to want a Dilf too!
by arrhenotoky/lookitup October 25, 2009
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