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the stuff girls excrete from their vaginas. It cleanses the body including the vagina. Its left behind in a girls panties. Its usually whitish, yellow, clear. Very sticky and wet. May also be confused with female cum, but is not the same thing.
No, baby, Im not turned on, thats discharge in my panties.
by JL July 01, 2003

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Armpit fucking
Joe bagpiped a french woman and had armpit hair stuck to his penis.
by JL August 21, 2003

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Dad I'd like to fuck
Check out that milf and dilf over there by the pool.
by jL December 26, 2002

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peeing into a womans vagina
joe gave katrina a golden douche
by JL August 21, 2003

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A company that makes good headphones.
I just got these Kosses at Best Buy for $24.99.
by JL March 20, 2004

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Two lesbains going down on each other while both are on the rag
The heinz 69 is outlawed in all 50 states yet many women still practice this incredible sexual act.
by JL August 21, 2003

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The art of positioning the windows on your computer screen in a pleasing manner
Man, your screen looks horribly cluttered! You could use some comp shui lessons.
by JL March 21, 2005

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