Cyrus is a unoriginal leafy clone who makes shitty commentary videos
Eww is that cyrus
by Fortniteisnotfun69420 September 08, 2019
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A total geek to the umpth degree. You can make fun of his geekinees which he will find a way to defend & sound even dorkier. He is a genius, totally clever. He may take years to get back to you due to doing as much research as possible from any & every given legitimate source, maybe even the occasional "leshitament" source. A Cyrus is proud of the fine art of crochet, although he cannot spell it which is his only redeeming factor in his situation. He is unbreakable in a friendly spar & can take some sharp jabs, but only if out of love. A genuine guy you can't help but love. A rock.
M: "I'm having the best tease fest with Cyrus!!"

S: "Ooh, give me his number. I wanna play too!! I haven't seen him in yrs, but still have great material with him".

A: "You wanna come to Cyrus' for the weekend?"

S:" That's a given! Does he still have Street Fighter?! I don't mind flailing about like a raging idiot just to flatten Cy in the game!"
by Shanagains November 28, 2011
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verb. - to not finish or clear a hit taken from a bong.

origin - Miley Cyrus's bong hit video.
Zoe! You totally Cyrused that hit!
by damnyougrav January 10, 2011
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To thrust a turnip, a rutabaga, and a butternut squash up the anus one after the other in a hasty fashion.
"Please, don't Cyrus me!" begged Crystal as her abusive lover towered over her, a rutabaga in his hand...
by kingofpoker61 February 09, 2012
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Athletic built male.

Big dick.

10/10 would fuck again.
Person 1: how’d your date go last night?
Person 2: really well! He’s a Cyrus
via giphy
by Pish.Posh September 28, 2019
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