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Founder of the Achaemanid Empire of Persia.
Cyrus is an important historical figure
by BS July 13, 2004

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A chick school outside of Boston. Its most famous alum is Hilary Rodham Clinton, need I say more? Wellesley chicks are in a class of their own, just ask the boys from Harvard and MIT
Wait, she has a kick ass career and married the cutest boy from Harvard?
Oh she went to Wellesley...
by BS March 13, 2005

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v. Mantlo, Mantlo'd

1. To not be paid back (as in a loan)
2. To be cheated out of money
3. To have one's girlfriend or interest taken
1. Lender: Will, you owe me that $5.
Will: Dude, I paid you back.
Lender: No you didn't.
3rd Party: Lender, you've been Mantlo'd.

2. Situation: Corner table, Cracker Barrel. Arrive at table, $4 tip still remains from previous customer. Will takes tip, places it in pocket. Upon finishing his meal, Will retrieves $4 from pocket and kindly tips waitress... 3rd party: Waitress, you've been Mantlo'd.

3. Friend: Man, that girl's hot.
Will: You talked to her any?
Friend: Yeah, a little. I think I'm going to ask her out soon.
Will: (to himself, or others) Yeah, I think I'll get someone to get her number for me so I can text her.
3rd Party: Friend, you've been Mantlo'd.
by BS February 08, 2005

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meaning cool or sweet
That new ride is flan!
by BS May 13, 2004

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A form of "bust", as in ejaculating. Can be used to say if anything or anyone is attractive.
Fett: "Damn, she's Bost"
BS: "Fett... that's a dude"
by BS July 22, 2004

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Hand in Texas Hold'em, a six-two off-suit, named "The Sweeney". This has a propensity for flopping 2 pair and turning a boat. It's broken pocket aces and pocket kings in the same night. It should only be played by those with faith in the Sweeney, or if it comes as any Sweeney walks in the room. Never try to turn it against a Sweeney as it will only end up hurting you.
What kind of idiot would call $20 with a 6-2? I'm golden with my pocket aces.
by bs February 14, 2005

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A very attractive white haired woman with a mole. (very rare)
Fett: "damn, sluze is so damn hot"
BS: I dunno man, that mole just doesn't do it for me.
by BS July 22, 2004

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