a name that was ruined by the now defunct Hannah Montana.
Hey, let me name my kid Cyrus so that it isn't a cool and unusual name that people cant pronounce.
by singul November 29, 2009
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-(of psychological effect) A person with generally a high intellect and SERIOUSLY talks about it every day, he has the innate ability to brainwash you to accept things or do(play) things, he is very drawn to Japanese Culture and tries do relate it to most things in life.

NOTE: Has the passive ability to make people of a lower IQ praise him for nothing and use the interjection 'lmyao'
Cyrus: YOU SEE?! I TOLD YOU! It's other people not me!
You: How the hel-
Cyrus: CLEARLY its because of my superior mind!
You: Oh... Kay?
via giphy
by Mori Cummers April 11, 2019
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A badass bassist with long sexy hair and a hot earring. He is God's gift to women. Has a voluptuous booty that he can shake better your mama. Commonly mistaken for a male model.
Cyrus: *walks into room*
Every girl in room: *swoon and faint*
by marvin scruffy May 08, 2011
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A famous hero of the Guardia kingdom. Often seen fighting alongside Glenn against the forces of Magus and Ozzie. He died in 600 A.D. After obtaining the Masamune at the Mystic Mountian, but his spirit still remains to bless all bearers of the dreamstone blade.
"Cyrus has left to find the Masamune and defeat Magus once and for all"
"If only Cyrus were here"
by dnb February 19, 2003
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When someone has smoked too much cannabis, and then falls asleep in the most uncomfortable position, and in stupid places
by MasterOfTheHerb June 22, 2011
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Related to as a bad guy in movies, a fabulous hero or some other odd creature
Cyrus, the virus (Con Air), Cyrus, the gangster boss of new york (Warriors), Cyrus (Planet of the apes), or even the imbread son of the Texanien redneck in Harrol and Kumars escape from Guantanamo
by Cyrusbad September 05, 2008
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