To remove something that is unnecessary or superfluous.
I found that I could get to class on the bus, so instead of ALSO paying for the car, gas, registration, insurance, and maintenance.... I just cut the fat, and sold it.
by djdole April 17, 2019
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Meaning to cut off people who are no longer your friends or people online that haven't been on in the last year.
Well My Friend back stab me yesterday so it's time to cut the fat.
by Nicholas Soucie May 26, 2008
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In the midwest, this is an old term, still commonly used, meaning good sum of money was made on a business deal. No "ass" part to it, goofs, you (cut) stick a hog in the neck...
He cut the fat hog when he sold that car.
by czechbull November 11, 2011
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Cutting a fat hog is like working in a cushy government job where you are getting high wages, excellent benefits, excellent retirement plan, very easy work, and almost no chance of getting laid off or fired. It can also mean something like winning the lottery, inheriting a huge sum of money, or something else that provides your life with lots of affluence, power or advantage.
Once he got hired at the Department of Water and power, he was cutting a fat hog from then until he retired.
by Ossettche April 2, 2014
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Etymology: Contrary to popular belief, it has nothing to do with vehicles.
The term originated in the Ozarks, and originally derived from when a man would slaughter a hog and discover a (surprisingly) thick layer of fat (or lard) between the meat and skin, which would then be able to be rendered off and used in cooking throughout the coming year.
When a person was to have something that comes into their favor they were to say that “they cut a fat hog in the ass”.

Common definitions:
1. To have a monetary gain.
2. To have something beneficial occur in their favor.
3. To have a raucous time.
1. I sure cut a fat hog in the ass when I bet on that 30-1 horse and won!
2. I can't believe that Whitney agreed to go out with me, I sure cut a fat hog in the ass this time!
3. I feel like crap today, but man did we cut a fat hog in the ass last night!
by -The Legend- November 7, 2008
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def: to try to take an easier path to a goal with predictably unfortunate consequences.
The idiot tried to cut a fat hog in the ass when he drove through that parking lot to avoid the signal and ran right into the side of a car backing out of a spot.
by Kirkwood November 8, 2007
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the line from the song hustlin from rick ross meanin how big he cuts the crack, because crack comes in blocks from bricks
rick ross be like i cut em wide i cut em long i cut em fat because that's how he cuts the crack
by how high October 16, 2007
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