A large caliber handgun kept by one who does not want to get old, so that he won't have to.
"What the Hell are you doing with a .50 Desert Eagle that you've never used?"

"That's just my retirement plan."
by cogitheum@mac.com March 7, 2009
Regularly socking away money, not into any kind of savings plan, but into lottery tickets.

Alternately, into any kind of gambling.
Hopefully my Redneck Retirement Plan will pay off this week.
by high-tech redneck August 26, 2009
When you fail to save and invest enough money for retirement and grow too old or get sick and can no longer work to earn money to maintain the lifestyle you are accustomed to. The .44 Magnum Retire Plan may be an option for you! Just place a loaded, high powered firearm to the side of your head or in your mouth and pull the trigger. All your retirement worries will disappear in an instant!
Clarence: “Hey Lance, how is your retirement portfolio looking?”.
Lance: “It’s strong to quite strong”.
Clarence: “Nice! You must have gotten in early on some wireless I.P.O.’s and made a killing!”.
Lance: “No. Truth be told, I haven’t saved or invested shit towards retirement. I’m 68 now and in failing health. I’m on the .44 Magnum Retirement Plan!”.
by E. Barlow June 22, 2021
Just like the Smith and Wesson retirement plan, except now free! Try the blue line retirement plan today! Operators are standing by, the call is free! Why pay for mental health services when lead therapy is only thirty minutes away?!
Turn 18. Make a back injury/psychiatric disability claim with SSI. Sell weed and narcotics out of you trailer for extra income. Treat the emergency room like a doctors' office for your many abscesses you will get from injecting drugs. Have many kids you can't afford for the tax advantages. Never work, act entitled the rest of your life while taxpayers with real jobs support your lifestyle. Oh, and have a bunch of tattoos but claim your afraid of needles when it's time to get a life saving antibiotic IV while on vacation in the Hyatt ..(the hospital).......
Hey Craig, hows Matt doing these days? I think hes been working on his 401(A) : The Appalachian retirement plan.
by BLACKHEATHER December 20, 2018
Millennials, having grown up in End Stage Capitalism and having no real savings or hopes for Social Security payments, though having paid into it already for upto 20 years, expect that in their retirement years will see Capitalism finally collapse.
The Millennial expectation is that Mad Max and Idiocracy will hate fuck and have a baby, that baby is the Millennial Retirement Plan.
by Zyvis X November 20, 2022
Stands: Work Until You Die retirement plan
I just got my 401K statement, it seem I am enrolled in the W.U.Y.D Retirement Plan .
by Guy O May 10, 2014