when a guy leavs all of his hair on his balls but shaves the hair above his dick.
hey carol take my pants off and look at my rick ross.
by macfr3sh November 6, 2007
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a rapper who is from miami, he was signed by the famous jay z.
every day im hustlin, that is rick ross
by gooooogle bob July 10, 2006
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Dude 1: Man, I am so behind in rent this month it ain't even funny. I need to grind to get this rent.

Dude 2: Word? Well dawg you better Rick Ross or you're gonna be hurtin'.
by Alli P September 23, 2007
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The act of listening to an AMAZING song and totally enjoying it until suddenly, Rick Ross begins rapping and ruins the entire song so badly that you have to change it.
"So I was dumpin that new Drake joint yesterday y'know? Man, it was HARD until I got Rick Rossed! I had to turn that shit off!"
by krhym3 November 30, 2011
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Is the name of a fake rapper. He was originally a Corrections Officer, then chose to become a rapper. In order to be a Corrections Officer, you MUST not have ANY gang affiliations, yet he claims to have gang affiliates. He's supposed life as a drug dealer is fabricated. All of his jewelry is fake and he's cars are rented. Plus to make things worse, he is a deadbeat dad.
rick ross: im bawce
Greg: ur not a boss, i heard the prisoners are gon start a riot, u know wat to do!
by abode September 24, 2009
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A Rapper claming hes gangster after admitting that he was a Correction officer.

AKA Officer Ricky
chris brown: i just kick Rihanna's ass!
Officer Ricky: (Bawes) You going to jail we dont fuck around(5. 0. all day)
Chris brown: Let me see if i can run it.
Officer Ricky: (Bawes) No body runs from Rick ross the po po
by Dr. Custom March 21, 2009
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