When choosing to not wear pants, and instead only wearing underwear especially with cupcakes printed on them.
So are you going to wear those new snowboarding pants you bought yesterday? No, I'm cupcaking it.
by Hello Cupcakes February 10, 2009
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to steal, or the process of stealing, food from someone and running off with it for no apparant reason
dang it Sarah! Why are you Cupcaking me!

Sorry. I was hungry.


Dang... I just got Cupcaked (past tense)
by SushiQueen October 15, 2007
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When a guy leaves his special sauce over the breats of his woman,who is still wearing her bra during the sauce making process,he is cupcaking her.Additional oil helps produce the sauce far quicker.
She gave me such a nice cupcaking i splashed all of my love sauce on her boobs.
by S 3vil October 12, 2007
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Cupcaking (verb).

Cupcaking is a word used when someone makes the common error, known formorly as: Circumlocution.

This occurs when a person is trying to tell a story or get their point across but ends up speaking in round-a-bouts and babbles nonsense.
Emily: ... and people were there, and like, there was a horse- but it wasn't a horse it was more of a bull, well, hardly a bull. It had feathers and it was running, well, jumping... No, sliding!
Jen: Um, Emily... Wtf are you trying to say? You're cupcaking, badly!
by planetchad June 12, 2009
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When a guy cups a woman's breasts boobs with his hands and foreplay ensues, usually with the expectation of lovemaking to happen for one or both people involved
Guy: damn girl, you got some beautiful cupcakes!

(guy slides hands up underneath girl's bra, cupping them) then foreplay follows afterward.

Girl: I'm glad they please you, I just love it when your cupcaking me!

the couple start orally pleasing each other and lovemaking begins, hence the term "cupcaking"
by sexyrae February 10, 2008
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What EDP445 calls a 13 year old girl when he gets caught trying to meet her
by EDP sucks April 22, 2021
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