The act of flirting with your crush via text message. Specifically texting the opposite-sex.
Trent's parents took away his text messaging plan because he was constantly cupcaking The Bonfon.
by 1heart1way January 16, 2008
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texting someone while in the same house or room as them while in a group of people. usually to gossip or flirt.
you can tell when two people are cupcaking by watching them. if person A and person B are constantly looking at each other after reading a text to if right after person A sends a text person B looks at his/her phone.
Alexis: omg you can totally tell that Chris and Kelly are cupcaking!
Rachel: i know, it's so annoying. i mean COME ON are we still in High School school?!
by meow =^_^= July 18, 2009
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When a large amount of someone's butt or "cakes" are significantly exposed, showing out of their clothing or swim suit.
Swimmer: Hey bro, that chick over there is cupcaking pretty hard!

Friend: Oh my god! I just wanna take a bite outta that right there!!
by Da swimmer May 02, 2013
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Enclosing a small portion of a fart in your cupped hand, then releasing it directly under someones nose for instant effect.
Man, I was cupcaking those silent but deadlys onto everyone last night
by snaptacular October 12, 2007
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To cater a female in hopes of obtaining sexual favors in return
I can't believe Scott was cupcaking that broad last night by taking her out to the Cheesecake Factory.
by T. Gaines August 05, 2006
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To fart into your hand (cupping the freshly baked cake) and release it under someone elses nose.
I was staying at jeff's house and in the morning he woke me up with a cup caking
by Remy le puisssant October 12, 2007
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When good friends get together, go to Wal-Mart at 11:30pm to buy the mix & sprinkles, decorate them all pretty-ful, write on post cards silly notes like "We were going to TP your house, but we decided to cup-cake you instead, ENJOY!", leaving them on people's door steps, ringing the doorbell, and hauling ass. Hiding behind a bush/trash can/underneath a car is always the best part of cup-caking. The reactions of the neighbors is also a delight! Will they eat it? Throw it and try to find the asshole teenagers commiting random acts of kindness? The intensity is overwhelming.
"My friends and I went cup-caking last night"

"Is that where a midget eats out a porn star?"

"No it's when good friends get together, go to wal- etc, etc."
by Liz, Devin, and Maggie August 06, 2007
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