The act of spontaneous wandering that does not have a particular destination in mind, however this action results in wondrous, often life changing experiences.
One time a friend of mine went to the store to get some cupcake with her friend. They did not have them, so they went to the next city and had no luck there. They continued to hop different stores in search of cupcakes... until they knew it they were watching the beautiful sun rise on the Santa Cruz beach.

Another experience, was when a friend of mine went to go cupcaking along the coast, and discovered a beached whale. Seeing this was life changing to say the very least!
by Cupcaking Queen October 19, 2010
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texting someone while in the same house or room as them while in a group of people. usually to gossip or flirt.
you can tell when two people are cupcaking by watching them. if person A and person B are constantly looking at each other after reading a text to if right after person A sends a text person B looks at his/her phone.
Alexis: omg you can totally tell that Chris and Kelly are cupcaking!
Rachel: i know, it's so annoying. i mean COME ON are we still in High School school?!
by meow =^_^= July 18, 2009
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To cater a female in hopes of obtaining sexual favors in return
I can't believe Scott was cupcaking that broad last night by taking her out to the Cheesecake Factory.
by T. Gaines August 05, 2006
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When a large amount of someone's butt or "cakes" are significantly exposed, showing out of their clothing or swim suit.
Swimmer: Hey bro, that chick over there is cupcaking pretty hard!

Friend: Oh my god! I just wanna take a bite outta that right there!!
by Da swimmer May 02, 2013
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Sweet talking a young fine thang (tenderoni), in order to get the panties and lay some buttercream frosting on her face.
Look at her over there cupcaking, he is going to leave the nuts hanging out
by TheTriggerMan June 26, 2016
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Enclosing a small portion of a fart in your cupped hand, then releasing it directly under someones nose for instant effect.
Man, I was cupcaking those silent but deadlys onto everyone last night
by snaptacular October 12, 2007
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To fart into your hand (cupping the freshly baked cake) and release it under someone elses nose.
I was staying at jeff's house and in the morning he woke me up with a cup caking
by Remy le puisssant October 12, 2007
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