To touch your self. A.k.a special time, alone time, smacking the meat, and touching your doodle. In order to make a white paste, like icing come out of your penis.
Bill was cup caking in his room, when betty crocker walked in and sued him for copy right infringement.
by Dan the man 84792 March 03, 2008
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the act of farting and throwing in someones face - when someone passes wind and catches nay aroma leaving the anus in their hand and then opens it in someones face to release the pooey aroma
my teacher caught me cupcaking bill the other day
dude that blows
by t - bear October 12, 2007
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1) To bake a small cake in a cup-shaped container. 2) Originating in Athens, Ohio circa 2004, this word was developed to describe what Chris Scheks is constantly doing with this girlfriend.
Chris Scheks loves to cupcaking with his girlfriend at the bar and other various places.
by Dictionary.com December 28, 2004
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tricking showing too much emotion for someone in public also see tricking
Andre was cupcaking at the club with Kelly.
by bRACKin KELLY July 04, 2005
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When a midget eats out a woman, especially a porn star. It is called cup caking because actual cup cakes are small cakes, and cup caking is a small person having a sweet snack.
Midget:Wow, who ever came up with cup-caking is a genius

A really hot girl into midgets:you're tellin me...
by C. Hollywood November 11, 2006
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