When good friends get together, go to Wal-Mart at 11:30pm to buy the mix & sprinkles, decorate them all pretty-ful, write on post cards silly notes like "We were going to TP your house, but we decided to cup-cake you instead, ENJOY!", leaving them on people's door steps, ringing the doorbell, and hauling ass. Hiding behind a bush/trash can/underneath a car is always the best part of cup-caking. The reactions of the neighbors is also a delight! Will they eat it? Throw it and try to find the asshole teenagers commiting random acts of kindness? The intensity is overwhelming.
"My friends and I went cup-caking last night"

"Is that where a midget eats out a porn star?"

"No it's when good friends get together, go to wal- etc, etc."
by Liz, Devin, and Maggie August 06, 2007
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when two people are sweet on each other and everyone knows it but they're not going out yet
"Kaitlyn and I are cupcaking...I think I might ask her out soon"
by coronaextragirl January 30, 2012
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The art of ensuring that your fart is smelt by your victim, and possibly even breathed in.
Basically you cook up a real stinker in your colon, CUP your hands over your "exit-hole", let loose taking care not to 'spill' the contents, and waft/push/throw into your victims face so they get the full 'benefit'.

Then casually remind them that fart is made up of minute microscopic poo-particles and they have in fact, 'just eaten your shit'.
Jed sneaked up on Gaz, with a real devestator lodged in his bowel. Discretely he moved his hands to his arse, farted whilst simultaneously cupping then unleashed his stink on Gaz'z person, Cupcaking him.

Gaz gags and Jed laughs his ass off.
by Jeddycakes October 21, 2007
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To fart in one's hand and proffer the resulting smell to an unsuspecting victom's nose. In a motion akin to letting someone smell fresh baking.
John: *arms outstreched, handscupped, uncups hands under jane's nose*

Jane: OMG WTF! You me a cupcaking you cunt!
by halfbrick October 12, 2007
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when you guff in your hand and then open your hand infront of another person's face.
by bass in your face September 17, 2004
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When a female wears a top that is two small and her breasts roll over the top
Yo, that girl is cupcaking or Did you see those cupcakes
by endorphin May 26, 2012
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