The act of throwing freshly baked cupcakes at someone's vehicle or property.
My ex made me mad, so after I pull the cupcakes out of the oven, we are going cupcaking.
by Mad Blonde July 28, 2010
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sitting intimately next to someone else in a flirtatious manner (like fresh cupcakes that expand on a baking pan to touch one another)
damn, look at them cupcaking like two cupcakes
by kflee April 22, 2008
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Sweet talking a young fine thang (tenderoni), in order to get the panties and lay some buttercream frosting on her face.
Look at her over there cupcaking, he is going to leave the nuts hanging out
by TheTriggerMan June 26, 2016
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When one lays some gas and proceeds to catch it with their hands making a fist and then use it for another purpose, often a practical joke for the poor smell.
John "That sewage downstairs smells so bad!"
Bruce "Yeah, I know, when the elevator comes up it is cupcaking the whole buildinge"
by Dante V October 09, 2009
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The act of spontaneous wandering that does not have a particular destination in mind, however this action results in wondrous, often life changing experiences.
One time a friend of mine went to the store to get some cupcake with her friend. They did not have them, so they went to the next city and had no luck there. They continued to hop different stores in search of cupcakes... until they knew it they were watching the beautiful sun rise on the Santa Cruz beach.

Another experience, was when a friend of mine went to go cupcaking along the coast, and discovered a beached whale. Seeing this was life changing to say the very least!
by Cupcaking Queen October 19, 2010
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