The act of farting into your own cupped hand, then throwing the cupped fart into an unsuspecting friend/relatives face.
Rob:"Hey! You want a cupcake?"
George:"Yeah sure!"
Rob farts into hand.
George:"Oh no, you're not cupcaking me this time"
George runs away.
by Robryan October 14, 2007
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When a female wears a top that is two small and her breasts roll over the top
Yo, that girl is cupcaking or Did you see those cupcakes
by endorphin May 26, 2012
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the act of farting and throwing in someones face - when someone passes wind and catches nay aroma leaving the anus in their hand and then opens it in someones face to release the pooey aroma
my teacher caught me cupcaking bill the other day
dude that blows
by t - bear October 12, 2007
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The act of dipping another mans penis in another mans seaman and then fucking a girl.
Dude were totally cupcaking this girl tonight
by RiffIvy March 23, 2014
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A way to refer to someone with a large butt.
Kara: Wow, you're boyfriend has a huge ass.

Maya: Yeah, my baby's cupcaking ;)
by Mayapapaya97 June 30, 2013
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To fart in your own hand, cover it over the mouth and nose of an unsuspecting person until they forced to breathe in or taste the rotten methane gas emitted from your anus.
Cupcaking is fun to do but cr@p to receive!
by uncle123 October 15, 2007
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When a man rides on the back of a motorcycle, the male version of "riding bitch".
"What kind of motorcycle does that guy have?"

He doesn't have one, doesn't know how to ride. He's just cupcaking with with his woman.
by B*A*M*F October 13, 2007
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