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When a group of people, usually in a position of power, are abusing or neglecting their power and behaving like total cunts.
The whole of the council cabinet has become cuntaminated an needs to step down.
by KC AJ July 04, 2017
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State of being a person finds themself in after all their buddies learn of their one night stand with the sleaziest, manliest, most scandalous and vile sack-chasing bitch in the hood and are now considered the newest laughing stock and also become blacklisted by all other ladies who learn of it....this is something that can't be reversed or changed, so it is therefore a permanent social status, kinda how jungle fever is with white race-traitor bitcbes...
Damn bro, Mike used to pull so much booty, then he hooked up with that jank-junkie Blowqueetha one night when she was feinding super bad, now all the rest of these broads cold-shoulder him like he's been mo skank- hunting with him now...
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