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A person who receives the load of cum when their parter or partners orgasm.
Sometimes is fun to be the cummer and sometimes you just wanna be the cummie
by Ressaler5 July 01, 2014
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A cute and clean way for a girl to say to others that she has MADE HERSELF CUM.

was used in the Nevaeh saga, over the fact cum is a dirty word, yet all teen- and pre-teens masturbate.


The cleaner saying for CUM in the Nevaeh books.

It's, the 21 century- teens know and can handle the word CUM.
'look at all the cummie on my fingers...'
by M. R. Duriez October 04, 2018
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n. A young woman that thinks that she is too good or hot for a guy, but still flirts and flaunts herself. Often claims to have a boyfriend that lives miles away.
The cummie wore a very short skirt on campus to make young fratters jealous of what they can't have.
by Hutt December 08, 2008
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