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What it is to be Fake and Gay

When you don't understand something over being uneducated- or have lack of, in that something you don't want to do, or made to do, it has now become (Fake and Gay) to you and your friends.

''I don't want to read that book,' why- 'because it's fake and gay.''

What it is to be fake and gay.
"I don't get it it's fake and gay.''

"If you like what I don't then your fake and gay."
by M. R. Duriez November 6, 2019
captain dick suck

A man that has made his way by being a know it all yet is a joke and sucking off others of metaphorically to get the high ranking job that he did, by being a sycophant a person who acts obsequiously toward someone important in order to gain an advantage over others- like you.

Thank you- captain dick suck!
Thank you- captain dick suck! for being a no it all in your job. yet we all know how you got there, don't we?
by M. R. Duriez October 9, 2018
Womanness means harry puss, over here feminism as a little girl she wants to act as womanly as possible- and in anti-rights- its a joke she would stop shaving- underarm, legs, and vag... showing her real womanness.
Not wanting to act like a little girl anymore- and grow up for a boyfriend when she is far to young to be a woman.
Look, Megan- is showing her womanness today.
by M. R. Duriez October 9, 2018
A Tard equals sped-
A tard- a clean way of say retards within a book.
Like, stop being a tard.

or look at that f*ck- tard over there, acting all sped.
by M. R. Duriez October 10, 2018
Cherry Marry

1. A girl that is far too old to still have her virginity.

2. A young girl that is a virgin that is too holy to let a man inside her.

3. A young girl that is not having intercourse, yet will do other things with a man or boy.
4. If she is 13 up to 16, and his under 18.

5. Any first timer girl that is far younger than you- and has a human.
Anna's- the Cherry Marry- doesn't want to get popped- over she only 13- and not putting out.
by M. R. Duriez October 9, 2018
Marry Sue

A book that has a main character that is emotionless, and really has not found a place in the story or identity.

# Sueish- MC's

Undeveloped person to the point of cliche.
Oh my- I was mortified said Marry Sue being Sueish- Marry was lost looking into his eyes- seeing his perfect everything, holding in her breath, and to dumb to remember to breathe.
by M. R. Duriez October 9, 2018
When you go to work the next day after trying to get pregnant, and feel the left over cum running down in side you.
Sex with your wife or girlfriend many times in the hope of making a baby.
I have the drips girl but I love him and want to have his baby.
by M. R. Duriez May 18, 2020