A cum-bath is a favorite of true sluts. The whore allows herself to be drenched in hot cum from head to toe. If a slut is lucky she will get 10 to 15 men to shoot jizz in her hair, on her face and tits, all over her wet used pussy, and on her dirty ass.
Kathy got a nice hot cum-bath last night. When i got home from work she was lying naked on the bed surrounded by men she had met at a bar. Her face was already sticky with cum and she was begging for more. She was rubbing jizz into her tits and calling herself a cumslut.
by btld September 14, 2007
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1.) A woman who is in the middle of a group of males masturbating until the group of males let loose their liquidity children all over that said woman's face, booty, mouth or anytype of suface that's on the said girl.
Guy 1: "Hey, what should I know about this girl?"

Guy 2: "Well, she takes cum-baths two times a week, so, that would make her clean, right?"
by Royal_Defense710 July 12, 2014
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<n> Slang;

1) When a female (or a man, respectively) is repeatedly showered with a large amount of cum from several other males.

2) To take a bath in cum.

See also: Bukkake
"Florence had ran out of Johnson's so she decided to have a cum-bath."
by Stuart Fletcher November 15, 2004
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To cover a person with multiple loads of hot sperm, all over their body. See also bukkake and facial.
Betsy loved cum so much that she invited the football team over, sucked and fucked them until they gave her a cum bath; they took pictures.
by Johnny Cumm May 25, 2005
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To pull out of a woman's vagina right before you ejaculate and instead cover her with sperm.
I gave her a CUM BATH.
by Osama bin Laden November 2, 2003
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