Satirical term for invasion or general violence caused by pople of different culture.
Prepare for some cultural enrichment, Gondor!
Damn, this guy just got culturally enriched.
by Swarmlord October 9, 2015
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attempting to convert one's culture to your own.
you heard about Germany letting in syrian refugees? Yes lets pretend to be syrian and give them a taste of cultural enrichment!
by Ayymeow February 24, 2016
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This is an expression used to describe an activity or action that enhances one's awareness of different cultural practices. This can be trying different foods, bungee jumping, traveling etc.
"Let's go watch the sunrise tomorrow."
"Why the fuck would we do that?!"
Come on, you obviously need a little cultural enrichment!
by timeis$ July 11, 2011
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Term used by gammons in the comment sections of the internet to disguise their racism
*News article report crime perpetrated by a person of colour*
Gammon: "cultural enrichment... at its finest.. ... ..... ...."
by notakeyboardwarrior May 4, 2020
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