An obscure, undocumented creature typically originating from folklore . Typically mythological in nature, but not necessarily supernatural , their existence is only recognized as pseudoscience .
Dude, have you seen the Fresno nightcrawlers? Cryptids freak me out.
by PSUEDONAME July 3, 2018
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An undocumented, seldom-seen creature, typically originating from American folklore.
Recently adopted by the Gen Z demographic to describe individuals that behave and socialize in an introverted, unpredictable and otherwise strange manner, to the point where it's intimidating.
"I swear to god, he acts like he's just learning to talk, and then you get to know him and find out he keeps a little kingdom of insects under his bed, and all of them have names. Dude's an actual cryptid."
by solvecoagula September 22, 2022
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Animals which are commonly not believed to exist, but actually may. Instances include the Loch Ness Monster, Bigfoot, the Teratornis, and Pterodactyl, Mothmen, etc.
That girl was so uckaly that she was practically a cryptid.
by Nicholas Meyler September 23, 2003
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Blue: I'm not a furry, I'm a cryptid.
Milo: I have bad news for you bestie...
by milob404 July 11, 2023
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1: is that mothman?
2: no thats just Sera being a cryptid person
by Theaacecard August 2, 2023
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A game on roblox where you can Scare the shit out of your friends. Very nice game but the lobby is overran with Oders,Slenders,and Copy N Pastes.
"Hey,wanna play some CULT OF THE CRYPTIDS with me and Ashley?" "Yeah,sure!"
by Agent Crow December 17, 2020
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The very tiny zone of species close enough to humans, where it's legal to have sex with them, yet far enough from humans where it's legal to kill them.
"Your turn, Frank. When you find Bigfoot, will you fuck him or kill him?"

"Well both options are legal, aren't they, because Bigfoot is in the Cryptid Goldilocks Zone."
by offender-go May 26, 2021
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