It's what it sounds like. It's a game where you crawl around like worms in the night. It's good for when you want to make memories with your friends.
When was the last time we played nightcrawlers?
by one2ohmygod October 20, 2009
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The most awesome X-men ever! Nightcrawler's real name is Kurt Wagner. He is german and a former circus acrobat. He is also a superb fencer and athlete and has extremely strong faith.

Is 5'9, blue fur, yellow eyes, three fingered hands and toes.

His main power is teleportation (BAMF) but also has other abilities such as 'sticking' to walls and seeing in the dark.

Also my idol. :)
"Have you seen X2? Maaaaaaaaan nightcrawler is awesome"
by DJD December 20, 2003
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Person 1: Dude. It's 3 A.M. What the hell is that guy doing out?
Person 2: He's Nightcrawling. Don't you know he's nocturnal?
by SeVox January 15, 2006
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A person that prefers night to day; moonlight to daylight.
People that work night shifts tend to usually be nightcrawlers.
by Kraul August 24, 2003
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The art of crawling at 4am, blacked-out drunk, through a sea of drunk passed out people.
Ey bruh Last night i went to a fat func in ECM and woke up at 4am and went nightcrawling through hella passed out fools in da livinroom.
by ECMiswhatsgooduareadynodo December 4, 2009
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The nocturnal pill popping, caffeine craving, nicotine-addicted internet creep that slides under the door sometime between 3 and 5 a.m. In these hours, the nightcrawler moves from room to room, longing for human contact and conversation. If none is available, he simply resorts to facebook, espn classic, or aim for communication to the outside world. The nightcrawler moves with stealth-like quickness powered by a nicotine-induced turbo from place to place, searching for fellow nightcrawlers. Determined to find out "what's up" with everyone, even if they're asleep.
Matt: Yea, Adam came into my room last night at 3:45 a.m.
Aaron: What did he want?
Matt: He asked me what was up...and then he told me that he just got back from the library.
Aaron: That's what he wanted to say at 3:45 in the morning?
Matt: yea...kid's a nightcrawler.
by Aaron Spitz May 15, 2007
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a blue elf mutant with a prehensile tail, yellow eyes with no visible pupils, and 6 fingers and 4 toes. ability to bamf or teleport, acrobatic abilities and superhuman agility. part of the x men.
seen in the x-men 2 movie...he has tatoos rather than fur
by lawrence December 14, 2003
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