Sera is the most beautiful woman in the world.
His beautiful long dark brown hair and her curvy figure does not make you forget her so easily.
She can be your wifey and your bestfriend. she is beautiful, curvy and sexy.

If you give her Loyalty she will never let you down and always fight for you.

She will always be there for you in good and bad times and she will always give you Love when you need it.
She is the most loyal and lovely person you will ever know.

You can be so lucky if you have them, do not let them go you make a big mistake.
Person: how is sera?
Person2: she is indescribable, i‘am so happy to have her.
by albifunfdddrkkghn August 31, 2019
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A brown haired brown eyed girl, with major anger issues which makes her come off as rude, when she likes you, she is extremely loving and will shower you with gifts. She’s down for anything and super fun to be around, she’s super confident and that’s what makes her so attractive, Sera’s are insanely pretty and attract everyone around them. Sera’s are great friends and super caring, although not fond of people who mess with their friends. Sera’s can be incredibly rude and intimidating if you hurt someone close to them and if you lose their trust you never get it back.
oh my god she’s so confident, she’s definitely a sera
by _lol__ August 30, 2021
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Is the one of the best people to know, no matter what you do wrong she will still be with you by your side. If you hurt a Sera she will still stand with you because she knows, that your were hurt by it too. If you ever meet a Sera don't let her go.
Guy: I can't believe Sera's still friends with him even after what he did
Guy 2: I know it's amazing how forgiving she is
by Serine123 November 14, 2020
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You will never meet someone like Sera in your life time. She is intelligent, amazing, passionate, caring and beautiful in every way. Every moment with her feels great, full of joy, unconditional love and laughter. When you are with her, the whole world stops and nothing else matters. Whenever you are feeling down, she will bring you right back up selflessly, because she wants you to always feel good and she makes you want to be a better person too! A nice tight hug will always bring her smile back up too! She is very good at racing and she is a very good memer. She is also part of the Ricardo Worshippers cult.

Long ago in the season final of Dragon Ball Z, its been found out that Aleksa’s feelings for her were mutual! Since then they’ve been madly in love.
Me: Hey Sera, AMD sucks!

Sera: Grrrr.
Me: I loveee youuu *huggo*
Sera: owo
by uwulonex October 28, 2019
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A girl with brown hair and brown eyes who is a great friend with an incredible sense of humor. Has a bad temper and can be mistaken for tomatoes easily but there is a slight difference. Also tends to date or crush on jerks, none of them deserve her.
If that ain't Sera
by kuraogami June 18, 2017
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a great friend and an ok Minecraft player but Isabel is better :) she is funny, nice, annoying, and a great dancer. a boy obsessed girl with a kick ass attitude.
Person: "your doing a great job working"

Sera: "shh I'm on my facebook"

Person: "great... working... sera...."
by Amandalovegood May 20, 2013
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