To be attracted to someone to the point of some excitment.
I'm crushin on him, bad.

Also, if it's not obvious already. I'm crushin.
by dethdefire March 3, 2011
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Diggin someone's style in something.
I am really crushin on Sara's taste in music lately.
by 13yearoldhumor February 18, 2012
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When a person, place or thing is better then another person place or thing
"Damn those jordans are crushin shit"

"Damn that hoes thick, shes crushin every gurl in the club"
by Swagger like mick jagger August 12, 2008
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To excel beyond all foreseen abilities. To wildly surpass any goal or expectation. Applicable to: school, women, men, video games, life.
Alex A: Yo, Alex, what did you get on that Chemistry exam?
Alex M: About a 99%.
Alex A: Crushin' it.
Alex M: Crushin' it.
Alex A: How about those biddies?
Alex M: They all be givin' me their numbas
Alex A: Crushin' it.
Alex M: My life.
by bobbyjogangsta November 10, 2013
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To consume extreme amounts of alcohol, intoxication at its finest, hard fast and serious pounding, To be the man, The most intoxicated, Blood Alcohol level exceeding legal death mark
Drunk Guy: CRUSHIN!!!!!!!!
Other Drunk Guy: CRUSHIN!!!!!!!
All the Drunk Guys:CRUSHIN!!!!
Lets CRUSH!!!!
by MrFrogasm December 9, 2010
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A cousin you find extremely attractive and wouldn't mind "tapping". Go incest.
"Man, too bad Ellie's my cousin because she's totally a crushin!"
by Amybamamy June 28, 2008
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shoving your palms in a females vaginal cavity and ripping it apart. Once this feat is accomplished, you motorboat whatever is left of that beefcake!
Phil: "So how did u like the Crushinator I gave you last night?"

Martha: "It was pleasurable but my pussy is ripped to shreads!"
by Zerox 2022 April 19, 2010
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