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Being holey in distribution (like a crumpet) when talking about wind distribution or health.
Person 1: Shall we go sailing today?
Person 2: Nah... The wind's looking really crumpy!

Person 1: How are you feeling after last night?
Person 2: Pretty crumpy!!
by Amandawhey November 28, 2012
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1. A person who is feeling a combination of crabby and grumpy.

2. A person that is irritable to the point that it is written all over there face and is expressed in there body language.

3. A person that feels annoyed at every little thing, due to being a irritable person.

4. A person feeling annoyed by stupid people.
J: Hows it going?
B: Real crumpy day today!
J: What do you mean by crumpy?
B: I mean getting annoyed by stupid people!
by mywickedfantasy April 24, 2010
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drunk -> crunk -> crunky -> crumpy
a popular term of MHSers
out gettin crumpy
Where we gettin crumpy this weekend
by gyiu February 23, 2005
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The feeling you have when waking up on a Monday and it's raining
i woke up feeling super crumpy today, the rain isn't stopping and I need to go to work.
by 14752ewsdc October 02, 2019
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