1. A common misspelling of the word "holy"
2. From, of, or related to a hole
3. Cute way of saying "hole"
1. Holey shit!
2. Holey shit!
3. Shit holey!
by David Hawaii May 8, 2007
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When a girl has some HUGE cleavage. When a woman's cleavage is so huge it's as if she only has two boobs and no sternum.
Man, look at that girl, she's so hot with her holey.

That bitches titties are HUGE. She got that HOLEY!
by 44MOB June 22, 2010
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Adverb describing women who dress inappropriately when going to church or a church function.
Jen: Trish dressed so holey today, hipsters and a visible thong at church, dear god.

Kathy: I know right? She is such a trashy skank.
by wordbob August 1, 2010
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The fetish sexual act of laying ones penis on a table, board, or similar surface and proceeding to stab it repeatedly with a knife or sharp object.

It is generally accepted in such fetish circles to do such a performance with a steak knife equalling or exceeding the size of the penis stabbed.
"Dude, lets get drunk and stoned and give ourselves holey bananas"
by xBSTx July 14, 2009
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An old and worn-out, but cherished, piece of clothing.
Don't you dare throw out my AC/DC t-shirt. It's a holey relic!
by Two Hep Cats September 30, 2012
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To be an asshole 24/7/12/365 (366 if you include leap year).
Assholes love to be ass-holey all the damned time.
by Lady Byron July 9, 2011
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