"That pisshead drink's his Bundaberg Over-proof rum straight up and in a paperbag."
by Diego August 31, 2003
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1.In the hierarchy within the Aggie Corps of Cadets, a Pisshead is higher than a fish, and lower than a sergebutt and zip.
2. A person that yells at you for every little thing you do.
1. The pisshead told the fish to drop.
2. The pisshead yelled at that one guy for looking at him funny.
by l33t b411a September 30, 2004
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1)An individual who carries on like a dickhead, but only when <b>pissed</b> <i>see piss</i>

2)A person who is almost an alcoholic.
Shutup you pisshead.
Your on the piss again aren't you? You pisshead!
by You can use a pseudonym. June 23, 2004
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An individual who willingly dies his hair blonde. (thus giving the illusion that his head has been pissed on)
*Paradis enters the room, revealing his new hip hair-doo*

Paradis: Hey guys!!
Desh: Sup pisshead
by Donald fon Ronsenburg July 30, 2010
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This guy can make a pisshead of himself in 7 different languages
by shft May 6, 2003
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eg g egh eyhftduijkl,.nki u87mq1 nfu6jkm
by LB November 24, 2003
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someone who is REALLLL REAL MAD
good thing you didnt sell to another dude, he'd be pissheaded
by mickshake September 7, 2005
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