The act a coworker may commit in the work place , turning loose a silent but deadly fart , in the vicinity of coworkers , as the "cropduster" passes by .
DAMMIT MAN !! Craig sure cropdusted the entire shop with that one !
by Bite-Me April 27, 2008
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Darting or Passing Gas While Walking By Someone Without Saying Anything
Boy My Boss Just Cropdusted All Over My Desk Now It Smells Like Ads
by WordMasterElite July 28, 2020
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Farting, silently, as you walk by someone you either want to move out of the way or leave. Only works in crowded areas where you can't be discovered as the farter. Good technique for waiters whose tables are "camping out".
"I wish those people would leave. Should I go and cropdust them?"
by Katgirl27 December 1, 2006
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The act of starting at one end of a person-filled room, ripping a nasty fart (the "thick" ones are better, as they cling more), then moving briskly to the other end of the room, staying ahead of your own stench, yet "dusting" the rest of the room with your flatulence.
I quickly went out the door to avoid blame after cropdusting the room.
by Aftershock October 30, 2004
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farting, then dragging the smell around with you. or farting in the process of walking
wes decided to cropdust the entire back half of the apartment, so he walked from the laundry room through the living room into the bedroom, all the while farting and pulling the smell with him.
by questionsleep February 9, 2004
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the act of farting WHILE walking; leaving a trail behind yourself
I can't stop walking to fart today so I'll just have to cropdust
by Tim S. December 9, 2004
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to disspell flatulence and walk at the same time in order not to be around once the blame is made. Often done in presence of others for spite.
Guy #1: I have really bad gas
Guy #2: Just walk around the mexican restaurant and cropdust . No one will ever know who it is.
by 4nimal May 16, 2007
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