1. A Russian guy who likes crocodiles.
2. The opposite of a Sahi, usually referring to someone who is dirty and impolite.
3. A member of a Crocogang
Sahi: A Croc has captured me! What do they want from me?
A croc: We just want you to say shit. It's not that hard.
by PisceanPrince May 30, 2022
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An exceptionally thick mustache on a woman.
- Hey look at the massive facial hair on that girl's upper lip!
- Yeah that's like the biggest croc I've ever seen.
by K.K. Slider August 5, 2011
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Your skin is ashy or bumper and it doesn't look good.
Girl: ew if you don't moisturize your skin its gonna look croc
by Slanging Florida October 17, 2020
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A relatively underrated Playstation game that came out around the same time as Crash Bandicoot, Spyro the Dragon, and so on. In the game, you run around as a little crocodile dude, trying to save the Gobbos (little fuzzballs) that raised you since you washed up on their island's shore.

It's your basic platformer, with an oversimplified plot.
Jessica: Hey, I heard you had Croc!
Kurt: Yeah! I haven't played that game in ages!
Danielle: Croc?
Kurt: It came out about the time that Crash Bandicoot, and Spyro came out. It's similar to them, only a whole lot simpler.
Jessica: And the graphics are really cute!
Danielle: Alright, let's try this game out...
by The_Exuberant_Face October 7, 2010
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Slang for something that is not true
Trevor "That chick from Hanson is hot as"
Richard "That dude is a chick"
Trevor "No she ain't, what a load of croc!"

man "I totally wrecked that chick last night"
man 2 "That chick was a dude"
man "Thats croc man"
by simslikewoohoo September 22, 2008
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"Gimme the croc"
"Are we crocin or what?"
"Fuck I dropped my crocpot"
by milfhunta June 6, 2019
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