To begin or start, usually associated with an event of some description.
"What time does the party kick off, Mr Ben?"
by Mr Ben February 8, 2005
SCOTTISH: to become angry, aggressive or violent.
angus: Oh look here comes that tosspot findlay
dave:If he doesn't shut up I'm gonnae kick off
by ferelach December 10, 2016
When fucking a girl from behind, preferably on a bear skin rug, at the point of climax one blows a whistle, signaling three or four friends to burst into the room and kick the girl in the face.
"Hey guys, thanks for helping out with the kick off last night. Best. Anniversary. Ever."
by Oedipus Flex November 11, 2009
When a person acts in a belligerent manner, usually as a result of excessive alcohol consumption, although it is possible to 'kick off' whilst sober.
Zara: Have you seen Mark?
Sam: I think he's in the lower Pollet kicking off.
Zara: Lol.
Mark: You fucking what?
Iain: I love Lauren.
Mark: Fuck off Iain.
by John Gollop May 1, 2011
To start a fight.
When I called them wankers they started kicking off.
by Ian Chode April 3, 2003
pres before pres; kick-offs, pres, the main event, afters, kick-ons
I need to be royally sloshed upon arrival at the function this evening, so I reckon we go hard at kick-offs and even harder at pres
by enjoyerofkickoffs123 January 11, 2023