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Milk from crabs. This is the milk that is milked from the tiny teats of a crab. They like to be milked the more they are milked the happier the crabs and the sweeter the Crilk. It is pale peach in colour and tastes Crabulous!
I like Crilk in my tea in the morning
Crilk helps my face stay wrinkle free as it is full of antioxidants,
Oooohhh there is nothing I like better than a lovely glass of fresh ice cold Crilk!
by Slightly Mugojerry February 18, 2008
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A fabric/ material that looks like silk but is actually just cheap ass silk.
Did you see Becky's dress! It was all wrinkled and cheap looking... Must have been made out of out crilk or something.

by FashionKitty June 22, 2007
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