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Someone who dreams that his passion could turn into a profession, while hoping not to end up being the much-dreaded starving artist.
On her name card, Gina calls herself a “Creative,” who is always being asked what original works she’s produced—this is when she feels so “uncreative” in justifying her flowery title.
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by MathPlus January 23, 2018
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(noun) A person with a never-ending, intense desire to produce based on originality of thought, expression, etc. that impacts nearly every aspect of their life, both in negative and positive ways.
Steve Martin is a true creative.
by Nadine Key September 27, 2013
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A quality that most people don't have. Being creative means you have the ability to think up many different types of art. See originaloriginality
Her painting is beautiful, she's so creative.
by my name April 06, 2004
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What teachers call you when they don't want to say you are a dumbass.
Your son, Jimmy, is a very, well, ...creative... boy.
by Danny the girl August 26, 2004
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Company that makes mp3 players that are approximately 3456432575 better than iPods. The main advantages of which include:

-Removable battery. For when you need a new one.
-More than 5 minutes of battery life. For when you're away from your charger.
-Design that actually fits in your pocket. For when you need to go somewhere.
-Decent sound quality. For when the bus driver tunes into 96fm.
-Radio option. So you can catch the match.
-Colour scheme that doesn't make you look like a complete yuppie. For when you don't want your arse kicked for wasting stupid amounts of money on something that doesn't work.
Random person: OMG! Is that an iPod?!!
Person with more than 6 braing cells: No, it's a Creative.
by Snake December 08, 2005
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The act of coming up with an idea to solve a problem. The problem may be given to you or you may have created the problem, thus being truly creative. Creativity is a valuable commodity when it is very strong, when weak it is something that people think they have but never really show. Creativity is the mother of invention and the Mothers of Invention were creative. If you wonder about it's worth, think about Velcro and how it's inventor got the idea by looking at thistles.
Jessica's teacher told her to be "creative" so she analyzed the problem looking for interesting solutions and came up with an idea that she decided to market. Now she is worth 20 million dollars and lives in Firenze where she excercizes her "creativity" by painting in the Piazza Signoria.
by bozlog October 05, 2005
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1. A wishy-washy nouninzation of the adjective creative.

2. Generally used by self-loathing (mostly graphic) designers. This species of worker is often generally in an in-house design department or a more corporate setting. More likely to be middle- or upper-management. These individuals are often compensating for the lack of commitment to their discipline, employer, or any real creativity in their specific job.

3. Can be utilized any number of professionals who's job are often seen as über right-brained (photographers, illustrators, art directors, etc.) or those wishing them to be portrayed more so (marketers, interns, mail room attendants) and less like a left-brained corporate drone.
Esther has begun counting herself among the creatives since she took that corporate job in marketing at Sweat Shop Inc. But she just wants to make more money in the economic downturn.
by creativeNOTcreatives July 10, 2009
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