Somebody who spends way too much time in the tanning booth, turning an unnatural fake orange color.
I went to the Hollywood party, and all I could see were Creamsicles.

Famous Creamsicles:
Lindsay Lohan
Paris Hilton
Kim Cattrall
that guy who does the "I mean toasted" commercials on TV
by Angelacia June 14, 2007
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Mixture of powdered adderall and caffeine. Turns a color like a creamsicle. When snorted in lines, provides a feeling of extended euphoria and stimulation similar to cocaine.
Yo nigga, you out of that yay? Let's get throwed off dem creamsicles, shit lasts longer.
by Dr. Cream September 15, 2012
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noun; A person, usually female, that spends unearthly amounts of time in tanning beds and/or smears excessive amounts of sunless tanning lotion on their skin; creating a radioactive orange hue. What defines a creamsicle however, is the act of repeatedly bleaching one's hair over and over and over until it is nearly white--what Creamsicles call "Platinum". In popular culture, these two nature-defying acts are often paired, thus the Creamsicle was born.
"Hey Jesse, let's go watch girls leaving Palm Beach Tan.", said Carlos. "Nah man.", said Jesse, "I'm not into Creamsicles."

Jim: Hey Danny, what the hell is wrong with that girl over there? She's got bright orange skin and white hair.

Danny: Yeah, that's what I like to call... a Creamsicle.
by Thor6789 June 21, 2010
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The pairing of Othergirlsan and Normal-chan, so named for Othergirlsan's orange fake tan and Normal-chan's naturally pale skin. A reaction to the trope in pop culture that expects nerdy girls and popular girls to fight against each other.
Creamsicle is my OTP.
by voodoolady May 17, 2012
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When you cum on the hair of a person with orange hair, and wait for it to harden.
Matt Sandler sat there and enjoyed it, as all the guys splooged on his head, then snacked on his creamsicle.
by Patrick Poontanker December 1, 2003
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When you spit a mans cum on his dick, lather it up, and continue sucking.
John- Hey bruh how did that date go?

Michael- it was so amazing dude, she gave me a creamsicle!
by Carrmonster February 13, 2014
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