One who sandles, in other words, is profusely accommodating, caters to others, sacrifices dignity in exchange for acceptance
As the young Contracts manager returned from the deli with his boss's lunch, he thought to himself: Good Lord, what kind of sandler have I become?"
by FCMonkeyboy September 28, 2006
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When you are home sick from school, and masterbate to hot men eating cantelope
"I didn't feel well so just stroked the pole and pulled the sandler all day long"
by Poontanker Patrick November 25, 2003
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To 'Sandlerize' is to lower a film's overall quality, regardless of budget, plot, or overall production due to the casting of Adam Sandler and/or involving anyone or anything related to 'Happy Madison Productions'.
Brian: "Hey bro, did you see <I>Pixels</I> this past weekend?"

Tom: "No way man! I was interested in the movie until I saw it get Sandlerized!"
by Megatallislayerthrax July 23, 2015
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A sex position that is performed in a tent in your back yard done to your thid grade teacher and involves ice cubes, a nine iron, and a water buffalo, live or stuffed(preferably stuffed for saftey sakes)
Oh miss third grade teacher perform the sandler to you all math class long.
by Jewish Drummer November 27, 2007
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A person of Jewish Heritage that isn't very religious but has Jewish Blood.

Jews take pride I'm their bloodline, if your parents or close ancestors are Jewish you would be considered a Jew.

A close comparison would be a 'Jack Mormon'
Howard Stern, Adam Sandler, Harrison Ford and many others would be considered Sandler Jews.
by Goldst3in January 13, 2013
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If you haven't laughed at a single joke in a movie starring Adam Sandler, then you don't know anything about comedy. My man Adam makes me laugh every time I watch his movies after I come back from kindergarten . There's a scene in one of his movies ( I forgot the name because I'm like 4, but thats not the point) where he FARTED IN SOME ONES FACE LOL XD XD XD. My parents didn't get the joke (duh) and they SENT ME TO BED EARLY : ( !!!!. SO ANNOYING >:( . So yeah, Adam Sandler is cool. He even won a Golden Raspberry award!!! So happy for him : D!!!
guy 1:Adam Sandler is a comedic genius
guy 2:True
guy 1: Ight i gotta go to nursery
-guy 2: Ye me too
guy 1:Cya
by RussianPig September 16, 2020
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