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A distraction or collection of distractions that keep one from achieving an intended task.

A population 'crastinates' or has 'crastinated' when a majority of their time is spent engaging in activities not even remotely productive.

When a population favors their 'crastinated' state of mindless entertainment with little or no interaction required over a properly functioning society, they are said to be 'Pro-crastination'
Sites like Youtube and Urban Dictionary are just the type of crast on the Internet today that really epitomize my stance on procrastination.
by Mars Redwyne October 29, 2008
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can be used in replace of some words such as "shit" and "fuck" or anything else after something dumb has occured to oneself
Dude 1: 2+2=5
dude 2: it totally equals 4
dude 1: CRAST!
by poop April 09, 2005
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One of the most badass motherfuckers to ever live on this planet!
I can't believe you haven't met crast!
by osuhunkybabe November 23, 2008
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