To hold a woman like a baby and finger her while in your arms
She got the cradle and she hated it.
by Me and Mrs. Jones March 22, 2007
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sex position; the girl is on top, and the guy is sitting up straight with his legs out. The girl wraps her legs around his torso and her arms around his back. the guy then pounds away. also, u can make out or look into each others eys for enhanced pleasure in this position
dude i totally did the cradle with my gf last night. it was amazing..
by brad k January 23, 2008
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Hey man did you hear Sub Urban's new song Cradles.
by Xoviak May 14, 2019
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On the highway, the clear space between clusterfucks (packs of cars traveling close together at the same speed across both lanes).
"I know I'm not at the speed limit, but I'd rather be in the cradle--with no cars around you, you're a lot less likely to get in an accident."
by Jackee H. December 14, 2007
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A sex act where you stick one fist down your partners mouth, another up the anus, then lift and rock them back and forth like a baby.
I was cradling the shit out of Anita last night. Literally.
by Anitathepeniseater September 3, 2021
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"Hey call me when you get home!"
"ok, cradle!"
by tanorexic December 5, 2006
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To have a love interest that is significantly younger than oneself in age.

antonym=rob the grave
Typically, older man and younger women, but not always.
"I want to rob the cradle, I want to trade my 40 year old wife in for two twenty year olds"
For example, further than 5 years apart in age might signal a cradle-robbing". Even more years yells it!
by kiddm April 28, 2007
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