In jail/locked up. Used as slang to reference experiences of being locked in a cell with nothing to do but sit up and think.
“Judge gave him 20 now he’s sitting up, sad story man”

“Most the niggas I grew up with are either sitting up or gone” - A boogie
by Black mass January 14, 2021
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A bathroom prank similar to the Upper Decker, Dry Docker, and Riding the Horse Backwards, but logistically much easier. The idea here is to sit at the very front of the toilet seat, with your rectal opening just over the edge. This way, when you defecate, your feces falls just inside the front lip of the toilet bowl, leaving a brown streak on the side of the bowl. The fecal matter then "welds" to the side of the bowl, outside the water line, leaving a horrible stench and a difficult cleanup job. Because the toilet has not been altered in any way, people may assume that someone just "missed" and was not a deliberate act.

The problem with the "Upper Decker" is that most public toilets do not have an upper tank, and in private residences access to the upper tank is often difficult because of shelving, cabinetry, wall artwork, etc. If there is nothing near the toilet to hold onto, it is also difficult to balance. The problem with the dry docker is access to the shut off valve. In public restrooms this is usually not accessible. Riding the Horse Backwards makes no sense because one would have to remove his/her pants completely in order to straddle the toilet while facing the wall. Sitting up front accomplishes the same goal, but is much easier.
The employee at the sandwich shop was rude to me, so I am going to use their restroom and sit up front.
by Trumplodyte February 13, 2019
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The Magic Sit Up is a prank that you and a few buddies play on an unsuspecting victim. First, you have your buddy get down on the ground and close his eyes. Tell him, "When I'm finished with my chant, try and do a sit up." Then, make up some weird chant. Your buddy then pretends like he can't do a sit up. The victim is dumbfounded saying, "I have to try this." He gets down on the ground, closes his eyes, and you start your chant. In the meantime, your buddy drops his drawers and stands above the victim. When the chant is done, the victim will try and do a sit up, successfully, but he'll also get a nose full of your buddy's browneye.
Lee and I gave Corey a Magic Sit Up and he got a face full of Lee's ass.
by scomeau April 6, 2006
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blindfolded, someone tries to do a sit up while holding the hands of someone else so they cant. little do they kno someone is bending over with thier ass out so when the person doing the situp lets go, they get a face full of browneye.
"Oh man, we gave jake teh BEST atomic sit up last night!"
by Matt Rup July 7, 2006
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A prank played by sports teams on new teamates where the new teamate is laying on the ground, and a towel is placed over top of their face. Then, secretly one member of their team pulls down their pants and crouches over top of the new teamate. The new teamate is then told to do 1 sit up. As soon as the victim starts to sit up, the towel is taken away from their face, and their face is shoved into the players ass.
Lance made the Chinese student do a super sit up.
by Jubulupu October 14, 2008
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the impossible sit-up(often called the olympic sit-up) is completed by asking an individual to lie on the ground in standard, bent-knee sit-up position while one accomplice blind folds or holds a towel or similar item over the eyes and holds the individual's head to the ground. the second accomplice gets into a squatting position with ass bare. the victim is signalled to attempt to sit-up against the pressure applied by the towel to the head. the towel holder simply releases the towel which allows the victim to sit up with nose directly into accomplice two's ass crack. a fart may be added as a bonus. the name "impossible" is intended to entice an overconfident victim into attempting this athletic feat. occasionally, idiotic victims might not even require the blind fold and will simply close their eyes. technique may be modified depending on intelligence level or sobriety of victim.
"Damn Bruce, your abs are ripped! I bet you could be the first guy I've ever heard of that can do an impossible sit-up."
by monkey12 June 12, 2005
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Usually done by frats, you convince someone that they cannot do a situp while you hold a towel over their face (covering their eyes) and hold it strong. they use their strength to try and sit up and while they are doing this a friend pulls his pants down and bends over so his ass is right infront of the person doing the sit up. you then let go of the towel and their face goes straight into your friends ass crack.
little johnny tricked all his friends into doing atomic sit-ups.
by DREWSHEW November 29, 2005
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