halfway between a cultural tradition and a seizure
Hey have you sexy man Marko Zimic?
Yea he looks like he has epilipsey (I cna't spel) while doing croatian cradle.
*sucks caleb weddle big toe*
by Stuyvesant Lacrosse June 9, 2021
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One who dates someone who is significantly younger than them.
Wow John is a cradle robber, hes a senior and he's dating a girl in 7th grade.
by B-Raff May 30, 2006
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dating or hitting on someone younger than you. When a 17 year olds hits on 14 year old.
Tim was hitting on some 14 year old last night, now i call that cradle robbing.
by Chapstickwoman February 9, 2006
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An extremely controversial symphonic black metal Band from Britain, formed 91-92. Central themes of satanism, religion, vampirism, womanization, and just general evil.

They are controversial not only because of their satanic and often violent or anti-Christian lyrics, but more over because it is a huge argument whether or not they constitute "real" black metal. A lot of black metallers who like Norse black metal claim that Cradle of Filth is horrible, but fans of Cradle of Filth don't really care WHAT you call it, they just like what they hear.

Front man Dani Filth announced early 2004 that a new full-length album, Nymphetamine, will be released this June from Roadrunner Records. This is after their last album under their first major label, Sony Music.

Cradle of Filth has risen to be one of the most internationally popular black metal/metal bands in the world.
The real name of Dani Filth, the lead singer of Cradle of Filth, is Daniel Davey... what cruel parents.
by Matthew J. Shipton March 4, 2004
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1. The reason everyone is screwed up.

2. As children, we try to look for a cat and a cradle in the string game cat's cradle, but we don't see it, thus, it ruins us mentally.
No damn cat, and no damn cradle.
by Rainsdark January 29, 2003
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A fun little childhood game that Kurt Vonnegut used to point out the senselessness of human existance. It's all in our minds.
by kilgore trout December 6, 2003
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Describing the swinging action of at least 2 men's testicles as the slap against each other during anal sex.
They were at it so hard that their balls' were bouncing like a Newton's Cradle.
by Meatspin March 20, 2007
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