what that bitch should remember to do.

When giving head, soft fingertips grazing the scrotum.

Caressing the ballsack, asking for the cum explosion, reassuring she wants it in her mouth, gently coaxing the orgasm.
I was preoccupied but when she went deep throat and cradle the balls, I couldn't help but to bust a fat nut.
by thescifiGOD April 15, 2009
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A Cradle Crusader is a person who regularly attempts to procreate with members of the opposite sex who are typically between the ages of 15-17.
by Dante and Randall June 21, 2011
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someone who has a romantic or sexual relationship with a much younger partner (British & Australian humorous)
You are dating someone five years younger? You cradle snatcher!
by Jim Bar October 27, 2013
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A pair of women's panties that are made mostly of shear, stringy material.
"Hey my girlfriend just bought a new taint cradle from Victorias Secret." -Mate#1

"A what?" -Mate#2
by God stop the apocalypse August 7, 2014
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"yo snoop, what's good?"
"not shit man, just kickin it at the cradle."
"oh shit, let me come through!"

"what're you doing tonight?"
"ah nothing...just about to kick it at the cradle."
by Your Boy Stoops May 20, 2008
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Cradling your significant other's hefty ball sacks in the cup of your hand, taking pressure off the penal area known as the perineum.
Hey dude?
YEah man...
Your balls look tired
Yeah i had a rough day
Weellllllll i mean ill cradle monkey them for a little bit so they can relieve circulation.....i mean if thats okay..
.........ummmm sure.....is that gay?
No man not at all........let me do it
by HPFBanana Hammock March 15, 2011
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halfway between a cultural tradition and a seizure
Hey have you sexy man Marko Zimic?
Yea he looks like he has epilipsey (I cna't spel) while doing croatian cradle.
*sucks caleb weddle big toe*
by Stuyvesant Lacrosse June 9, 2021
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