John was a crackerjack of a mechanic: he could make a Mustang hum going in reverse.
by Jon64Bailey January 11, 2008
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a white person, usually considered an insult
synonymous with "cracker"
by g2 September 12, 2013
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Is a noun meaning a person or thing of marked excellence.
Just call me a crackerjack when it comes to the English language and the true meanings of words.
by Slang=ignorance December 27, 2017
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When you slightly apply a thick coat of peanut butter around your penis then gently place saltine crackers and spread them over the tip and bottom of your cock sandwiching them and spread jelly lightly on a girls outter pussy lips .

Thrusting your saltine coated cock inside her mashing the saltines as you sing and chant the peanut butter jelly song thrusting at the pace of the song

If you don't have peanut butter you can always substitute with nutella only you have to sing chocolate rain instead .
Ex. Damn Jenny is so bad I would love to crackerjack her and show her some peanut butter jelly time

Me and Paulina were crackerjacking their were crumbs fucking everywhere
by PeanutButterPuppetPal July 2, 2019
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crackerjack - a less harsh word used to describe a white boy who brings on the act of being a gangster.
That crackerjack, wearing that gangster out gear and putting on a act like that.
by Master Mind December 8, 2004
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A charming euphemism for all sorts of unpleasant urban dwellers, namely junkies, crack-heads, bums, shop lifters and the insane.

Similarly, when engaged in hostile confrontation with these people, one has been 'crackerjack'd.'
I'd rather not venture into that part of town . . . too many crackerjacks.
by Matt Hewitt July 10, 2008
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There goes a crackerjack if I ever seen one!
by Ghost July 27, 2003
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