3 definitions by Matt Hewitt

A charming euphemism for all sorts of unpleasant urban dwellers, namely junkies, crack-heads, bums, shop lifters and the insane.

Similarly, when engaged in hostile confrontation with these people, one has been 'crackerjack'd.'
I'd rather not venture into that part of town . . . too many crackerjacks.
by Matt Hewitt July 10, 2008
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An elderly Chinese-American woman, generally from dense urban areas with large Chinatowns. Often collects cans at all hours of the night and looks suspiciously upon those who are foreign to her stomping grounds. Practices Tai-Chi in the early morning and is prone to donning a bucket hat. The Dichi will always assume, nomatter who she is talking to, that one has a full comprehension of Cantonese or Mandarin, making communication difficult.
A Dichi demanded I give her a rebate on some flowers at work today . . . But she didn't speak English so I was confused.
by Matt Hewitt February 15, 2008
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An elderly Chinese-American man found in the burgs of densly populated urban zones with a high Chinese population. Generally silent and reserved. Suspicious of new activity in his habitat. Can be spotted wearing a bucket hat or practicing Tai Chi in the early morning.
That Dicho looked at me very pissed off when I walked by his stoop.
by Matt Hewitt February 15, 2008
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