The action of two people lying on top of each other, face-to-face, doing nothing other than making sustained eye contact with the other person for an exaggerated duration of time
Coming back to our apartment after a long day of class, I found Karen and Doug sandwiching on the couch. I wasn't sure how to handle the situation, but New Girl was on TV, so I simply sat down on the chair beside them and pretended everything was normal.
by cg0913 January 19, 2013
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A code term created to describe this process:

An employee at any store (however this term was derived from an employee at a fast food restaurant), who rings in orders, or remembers the prices of certain items in their heads, and voids the items if needed. Repeat. At the end of the employee's shift, they withdraw the sum of money from the cash register in a secretive manner.
Hey Ron, tonight i am sandwiching a lot of moolaw
by Nawoc Rovert November 14, 2007
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