Giving/recieving a blowjob at a Cracker Barrel parking lot.
Michael : Hey, what did you and your girlfriend do during your anniversary?

Aiden: My girl gave me the Cracker Barrel

Michael: That's it?

Aiden: Nah we also did the Batman
by Minekwaft December 5, 2019
(Verb) 1. When you are confronted with an unexpected (and usually unwanted) shopping experience; usually in the form of a gift shop.
"When I got off the roller-coaster, the exit path lead me right into a gift shop."

"Sounds like they cracker-barreled you."
by AtomicKoi April 23, 2021
The place that fired Brad's wife after 11 years of service (on his birthday no less!)
Hey wanna get cracker barrel for dinner?

Not after they fired Brad's wife!
by bretata March 23, 2017
Chain of resturaunts that is based on a country store gimmick that combines a fairly varied store that sells mostly woodwork such as chairs and a resturaunt that is known for it's southern country style. Very good.
I went to cracker barrel the other day. I bought me a rocking chair and Momma's Pancake Breakfast.
by Hobo Spider August 20, 2005
where me and my boy Hudson get crazy shit from chicken fried chicken
me: hey dude, you wanna go get chicken fried chicken?
Hudson: yeah bro, im boutta get barrelled tonight at cracker barrel
by noelmillerspoop January 22, 2021