this term is used to describe a position during sexual intercourse. when a chick is riding you, instead of her knees on the bed, her feet is planted flat on the bed... while she's going up and down. (most commonly used by spinners, gymnists, or asian whores)
she just fucked me country style!
by Chairman Chow June 5, 2006
1. A redneck way of takin care of business.
2. When drunkness brings the hick out in ya.
When your mom gets a DUI and you're talking on the phone with the arresting officer and tell him you will fix him "Country Style"!

I donkey punched her Country Style.
by tafna-dm September 13, 2005
The act of nutting down a partner's throat with thick, chunky semen
"I gave my girlfriend a big mouthful of country style gravy last night"
by Denvah December 3, 2016
What happens after you get a "rumble in the bronx".To piss out your asshole.
Hurry up. Pull over. I've got to blast off country style. Right now!
by L. King May 16, 2006
When giving your girlfriend oral, period blood comes out rapidly.
Dam joe, I tried fucking Amanda last but instead I got some country style cherry juice.
by Your worse nightmare October 10, 2016
When you do her from behind, wrapping her legs around your waist like a belt, while she clings to her walker like motorcycle handlebars.
While you were at the movies I was really given it your Grandma Country Kitchen Buffet Style.
by Muffington P. Weathersby April 30, 2008