Noun: A large assembly of crackers, usually associated with country music or Donald Trump
"Man, that Toby Keith concert last night was the biggest Cracker Barrel I have seen in a long time."
by The Working Dead July 13, 2019
Cracker Barrel has great breakfast and an interesting store in front + a lot of hot country girls work there.
by yavin 4 November 2, 2004
American restaurant & Kuntry store chain catering primarily to crackers, peckerwoods, rednecks, honkies, po-dunks, trailer trash, hill billies, bubbas, billy bobs, jim bobs, john boys, jethros, cooters, goobers and mostly just whitey.
My civil rights were violated at a Cracker Barrel because I am an African American.
by Jonathan Law July 6, 2006
With the rate of obesity in America we can see more cracker barrels than anywhere in this world.
by Pimster July 18, 2011
A group of white supremacists huddled into a U-Haul for transportation to some event or location where they can harass racial or sexual minorities.
We were having a nice picnic at the lake, but then a cracker barrel showed up.
by Lieselotte June 15, 2022
When a vehicle abruptly crosses multiples lanes in a highway to exit the expressway.
"We unexpectedly planned to exit the expressway, so we had to cracker barrel to make our exit."
by huhchoo June 15, 2012
Or, Cracker Barrel. A fat (round, or "barrel chested") white person.
Man, Cracker Barrel needs to lay off the fried foods; he's already round enough.
by Doc Midnight and Co. September 14, 2008