Trucker CB (citizens band) slang for the position of a vehicle in a line of vehicles that is neither at the front or rear of the line. A vehicle in the "rocking chair" is supposedly protected from law enforcement or smokey because it can receive warning by CB radio from those vehicles ahead and behind about oncoming (or overtaking) patrol cars, speed traps, etc.
I was in the rocking chair and escaped a speeding ticket because the lead trucker warned me of a patrolman with a radar gun (Kojak with a Kodak).
by Pool July 7, 2006
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When your bitch sits on your dick and instead of an up and down motion, grinds back and forth like a rocking chair. Like the cowgirl, but better.

*** Not to be confused with the act of having sex in a rocking chair.
Last night she gave me the rocking chair and her vag sucked the soul outta my cock.
by Rocker chair6969 March 25, 2016
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Sex in a rocking chair. Naked female sits on naked male's lap and rocks the chair in order to succeed in orgasming.
We knew Betty and Jimmy were doing the rocking chair, because we were downstairs and could hear the chair legs repeatedly banging against the floor.
by Sexxy Judy Pants July 11, 2008
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A sports gambling term used to describe an easy winner. "Rocking chair" is used to demonstrate the ease of the win. Essentially, it's as easy as sitting in a rocking chair and rocking.
Dave: Yo Jake did you take that Alabama/Florida game?
Jake: Na, what was the spread.
Dave: Florida -10, beat em 56-24. Fucking rocking chair winner baby!
by AbuserX December 3, 2008
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It's where a large man sitting Indian style wearing nothing but a towel He's playing air drums in from of his Yamaha natural sound system. Motions for an unsuspecting victim. Aka rectum to put on a record. When the bend over to select a record. He grabs them from behind and in one swift motion. Like magic their pants are down and his penis is in your ass. He pulls you in his lap a furiously pounds the rectum to completion
While picking out the scorpions love drive. She was forced into a raspberry rocking chair
by Thor 9/11 June 8, 2016
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