I was walking down an alley ad saw a white guy smoking crack as usual.
by WtfIsThat? September 6, 2008
Did you crack? Dammit, you coulda told me. I think somethin' crawled up inside you and died!
by Jomo Dog February 22, 2011
Crack means - - something so likeable ( like a music track)

it addicting like crack

It is used in terms of music..particularily rap music..

Not meant in the form of crack/cocaine..
by TheJonra December 15, 2010
A noun/adjective used frequently in Soccer (non american foot-ball) and in other sports for a great, well over the average player.
This season, Real Madrid, (a spanish soccer team), has hired all the cracks money could buy
by victover August 25, 2009
"Man, she look right. I'm trynna crack!"
by TeeBaby November 18, 2003
Do you have any crack, dude?

No, just Mr. Pibb

You suck
by rtv0587 July 6, 2009
Several hours earlier than the crack of dawn. Specifically, when you have to get up really early in the morning. See also dark times.
My flight's at 6:00 am and I gotta be a the airport at the crack of crack tomorrow!
by KM March 10, 2004